Welcome to Lesartre Violin Studio!

Kindness. Encouragement. Finding and Nurturing Each Student’s Individual Ability. Demonstrating High Standards. A Systematic Approach to Discovering the Wonder of Music, Art and Culture through the Violin

Studio Policies

Please pay before the lesson begins; before the 1st lesson for packages

A package of four 1 hour lessons $260

Four 45 minute lessons $200

Four 30 minute lessons $140

Single lessons 1 hour $75, 45 minutes $60, 30 minutes $45

Cash, checks, PayPal and Zelle are accepted

Updated COVID-19 policy

Vaccinations are now available for children ages 5-11!!!! This is great news. We are strongly encouraging all students’ families to vaccinate their children in this age group.

To protect high risk individuals, everyone over 12 attending in person lessons needs to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. At this time, everyone present at in person lessons will wear masks that cover the nose and mouth. We have an advanced HEPA filter in our household ventilation system exchanging the room air before, after, and during lessons.

Attendance Policy for in person and Zoom students

If there are schedule changes needed, let me know at least 24 hours in advance; a week is preferred. If a student is too ill or injured to go to school, camp, or work the day or week before the lesson, please let me know ASAP. It’s likely that the student will need the next day to recover. I will do the same for my students. If I know the day before the lesson, a make up lesson can be scheduled. If the student is recovered enough to play, a Zoom lesson may be possible.